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Like everyone else, during the years of browsing on the Internet I have found many interesting websites. If you have similar interests like me, you might find my list useful and save valuable time for searching. I have grouped the links into categories. As the existence of websites in general is very volatile, I cannot garantee that all of the links are always existing, even though I try periodically to check for their existence. If you find a link which is no longer correct, please let me know.


Castles of Wales
Wales is called a land of castles and any expert in medieval history and especially castles would testify that the most perfect and elegant world's castles are found there. And all of these best ones were build during the reign of Eduard I as strongholds against rebellious Welsh around the end of 13th century. This is an excellent site which gives information about every castle in Wales, together with maps, pictures, descriptions and other incredible interesting information.

Castles of England
Short descriptions and a photograph of many castles in England. Not as good as Castles of Wales.


Maria-Webster Dictionary
Excellent English-to-English Dictionary, with spelling and ethymology of words.

Geoffrey Chaucer's Homepage
Excellent source of information about Middle English writer Geofrey Chaucer with description of various aspects of life in Middle Ages.

Cantebury Tales
Complete on-line edition of Cantebury Tales (in original Middle English version) with a glossary.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration has a huge site with lots of information about the exploration of space. Contains many branch sites such as Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Robotics or Shuttle Web and many others.

Alternative View Columns
Exciting texts about the future possibilities of physics of the next millenium (Faster Than Light - FTL, Quantum mechanics, Theory of relativity).


An excellent Russian fairytale - an electronic book with beautiful illustrations.

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