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Classical Music has become in recent years my hobby number one. Actually, I do not listen to any other form of music now (if I am not forced to). It is certainly a long process to start enjoying it, and not an easy one. I was not an exception. What brought me to classical music five years ago, were organ compositions by Bach. The strong and uncompromising charm of organ sound ignited my curiosity about music with this instrument and when I first heard the majectic Toccata and Fugue in D minor, I immediately knew that there is no escape for me now from the path of exploring the realms of classical music which I began to adore.

There are my most favorite composers and their compositions

  • Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    - Fifth cool.gif (971 bytes), Sixth
    Concerts - Concert in D major for violin and Orchestra, Concert in b minor for piano and orchestra
    Other works - Serenade for Violin and Orchestra

  • Karl Bruckner
    Symphonies - Fourth, Eighth cool.gif (971 bytes) 

  • Jean Sibelius
    Symphonies - Second cool.gif (971 bytes), Fifth
    Concerto in D minor for Violin and Orchestra

  • Johann Sebastian Bach
    Organ compositions
    - Toccata and Fugue in D minor, Fantasia and Fugue in G minor, Passacaglia in C minor, Toccata and Fugue - Dorical, Fantasia and Fugue in A minor etc.
    Lute (Guitar) Works - Suite in E minor - Bouree, Gigue etc.
    Piano compositions - some pieces from Well Tempered Clavier
    Concerts - Brandenburg Concert in G major

  • Johanness Brahms
    Symphonies - Third cool.gif (971 bytes), Fourth
    Other symphonic works - Tragic Overture, Academic Overture, Hungarian Dances

  • Beethoven
    Symphonies - First, Third, Fifth, Seventh (2nd movement)
    Piano Sonatas
    Other works - Fantasia in C minor, Egmont

  • Antonin Dvorak
    New World Symphony cool.gif (971 bytes) 
    American Quartet

  • Richard Strauss
    Symphonic poem Thus Spake Zarathustra (Also sprach Zarathustra) cool.gif (971 bytes) 

  • Wolfang Amadeus Mozart
    Requiem cool.gif (971 bytes) 

  • Karl Orff
    Carmina Burana cool.gif (971 bytes) 

  • Berlioz
    Fantastic Symphony

  • Sergey Vassilievich Rachmaninoff
    Piano Concertos - Second, Third
    Symphonies - Second

  • Medieval Music
    Clement Janequin (1485-1558) - Le chant des oyseaulx
    Josquin des Prés (1440-1521) - Motets
    Adam de la Halle (13th century) - Li gieus de Robin et de Marion


  • As can be seen from the list above, I do not like operas. But although I prefer generally instrumental music, I am fond of some special vocal works such as choir singing, medieval songs (motets) and similar music.

  • The sign cool.gif (971 bytes) says that I like these composition more than the others these days. It doesn't mean that they are somehow superior (experts would disagree). Musical taste is a very subjective stuff.

  • I would be immensely grateful if anybody who is reading this page and shares my feelings towards classical music could send me his/her recommendation regarding:
    - a really good composition or composer not included in the list
    - some excellent sites on the Internet devoted to classical music



Music Theory

  • Classical Music terminology
    A comprehensive dictionary of terms from theory of music (e.g. sonata, quartet, fugue, crescendo, ...)
  • Theory of sound
    Answers the questions what is behind the sound from the physical point of view, explains the things like harmony, scale, how the sound is created in musical instruments

MIDI Links

  • Classical MIDI Archives
    The best source of MIDI files with classical music. Contains thousends of files free for downloading. (e.g. Bach has almost 1000 compositions there)
    midilink.gif (13844 bytes)
  • Celtic and Anglosaxon Music
    Many composition more or less classical (English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Canadian, U.S.)
  • MIDI World
    Large collection of MIDI files of all styles (modern music)

Guitar Corner

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I began to learn classical guitar five years ago, but only as a self-taught person. Due to my laziness and lack of free time the quality of my playing is low. Some of the pieces I play:

  • Francisco Tarrega - Lagrima, Etude on a Fugue by Bach (still learning)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach - Preludium in D minor, Bouree, Gigue (from Suite in E minor)
  • Gaspar Sanz - Espanoleta, Rujero, Paradetas
  • Jose de Aspiazu - El Vito
  • Robert de Visee - Gigue (II)
  • Milan Tesar - Splyvani
  • Stepan Rak - Temptation of the Renaissance
  • Others: Romance,  Greensleeves, etc.

Now follows some selected links to the most valuable sites devoted to classical guitar

  • Classical Guitar free on-line lessons
    Course of classical guitar for beginners, includes guide how to tune your guitar, information about harmonics etc.
  • Classical Guitar Tablature in the Realm
    A lot of tablature files of famous classical pieces arranged for guitar (Bach, Tarrega, Sor, Beethoven, etc.). A tablature is an alternative form of storing notes besides the traditional musical sheets.


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