Author: Michal Dolecek, December 1998


Footballoid is a clone of the game football. Actually it is a mixture of football and hockey with some extended features and rules. It is designed for two human players (in the next version it will be possible to play against the computer). The purpose of the game, similarly as in football, is to make as many goals as possible in the given time limit.


There are some differences between Footballoid and classical football. There can be more than one ball in field (it is more funny actually!). The actors in the game are called booters (like in American football). The booters in this game are nothing else then just circles, with a number designating the booter. The booters as well as the balls can bump into the walls around the field and even into other booters. When a ball enters the goal, the score is increased and the ball is placed to the center of the field.


The players can control only the current player (the player with blinking number) with arrow keys. The change of the current player is made by pressing the number of the player we want to play with. The following keys are defined for the play:
Player 1:					Player 2:

						Insert	Home	PageUp
1	2	3	4	5		Delete	End	PageDown

	W						Up
A		D				Left		Right
	X						Down
During the game, it is possible to switch the sound and music on or off by checking the appropriate check box.
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