School Projects and Essays

Now follows some of my essays and other written work for University of Economics. Unfortunately, most of the works are in Czech only.

Master Degree's Thesis (Diplomova prace)

Java Server Pages and Template Technology
Annotation: Czech version, English version
Screen Prints of the application:
Diplomova prace (Thesis):


FIL419 - Kapitoly z evropské kultury (Chapters from European Culture)
Essay: Lze mit sok z budoucnosti? Aneb co vsechno dokaze veda (Can the Future Shock us or What Can Be Done by Science)

FIL102 - Metodologie vedy (Philosophy of Science)
Essay: Slucitelnost ci neslucitelnost ruznych paradigmat (Compatibility or Incompatibility of Various Paradigms)

FIL404 - Kognitivni vedy (Cognitive Science)
Essay: Matrix a uplna virtualni realita (Matrix and the Ultimate Virtual Reality)

FIL413 - Filosofie spolecnosti, politiky a dejin (Philosophy of Society)
Essay: John Locke: Druhe pojednani o vlade (Johne Locke: Second Treatise on Government)

FIL422 - Filosofie II (Philosophy II)
Essay: David Hume a virtuální realita (David Hume and Virtual Reality)

FIL421 - Filosofie I (Philosophy I)
Essay: Ontologicky pohled na virtualni realitu (Ontological Aspect of Virtual Reality)

FIL405 - Axiologie II (Axiology II)
Essay: Herakleitos

FIL403 - Filosofie III (Philosophy III)
Essay: Idealismus a realismus (Idealism and Realism)

Information Technology

IT_563 - Distribucni systemy (Distributed Systems)
Essay: EXtensible Markup Language

IT_421 - Komunikacni sluzby (Communications)
Essay: Gigabitovy Ethernet (Gigabit Ethernet)

IT_220 - Technicke prostredky informacnich systemu (Hardware)
Essay: Mikroprocesory RISC (Microprocessors RISC)

SA_302 - Systemova analyza I (System Analysis I)
Essay: Klasifikace modelu (Models Classification)

SA_314 - Systemova analyza II (System Analysis II)
Essay: Pouziti modernich pocitacovych systemu a problemy s tim spojene (Use of Modern Computer Systems and Problems Involved)

Projekt pro bakalarskou zkousku z Informacnich technologii (Information Technology Bachelor Examination Project)
Documentation for Eden Travel Project (CGI application written in Perl & mSQL)


POL427 - Americky politicky system (American Political System)
Essay: Francouzsko-indianska valka (French-Indian War)

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