Author: Michal Dolecek, June 2002
Version: 1.0


Welcome to Worms, a simple but quite a funny game to play. Worms is a very old game which appeared in numerous reincarnations on many computer platforms. This version has support for multiple players, and it can be played both by the computer or by human players using the keyboard.

The goal of the game is to control your worm and try not to hit any obstacle - the body of your or other worms. Who manages to survives while all the other worms has already hit someone, he is the winner for this round and the game starts again.

It is possible to leave the area of the playground, in this case the worm appears exactly on the opposite side. This can be sligthly confusing at first, but it is easy to get used to it.

The worm played by the computer follows a simple strategy - it advances as long as there is free space. When the computer worm gets close to an obstacle it choose randomly other direction. It is clear then that the computer worm dies only if it gets to a dead-end, unlike a typical human player who hits obstacles often by mistake.

Controlling Worms

The worm can move in one of four directions - up, down, left, right. Each player therefore has four keys assigned for controlling his worm.

The player one has the following keys:

The player two has the following keys:

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