North America 1999 Photo Gallery
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The fortress William Henry, well known from the book The Last of Mohicans, built by the British (postcard)

Fort Ticonderoga, built by the French (under the name Fort Frederic)

Fort Crown Point, built by the British on the site of a older French fortress

The Peggy cove, a rocky coast in Nova Scotia

Peggy Cove is famous for its lighthouses (postcard)

Peggy Cove was not far from the Swissair plane crash in 1998 (postcard)

Port Royal, the oldest French settlement in North America established in 1605. Burned by the English in 1613, and reconstructed in 20th century.

The interior court of Port Royal

The first gate of the fortress Louisbourg on the Cape Breton Island (Ile Royal).

Louisbourg, built by the French between 1715-1744, was by far the biggest fortress in North America. It was twice besieged and seized by the British and later destroyed. In the 20th century one fifth of the fortress was reconstructed according to the original plans.

The rocky coast of Cape Breton island

The wild scenery of Cape Breton island

An old church from 18th century on Ile Orleans, opposite the Quebec City.

A huge church in Beaupre, where religious processions take place.

In the environments of Quebec City numerous waterfalls can be found.

The view of Quebec City.

The main dominant of Quebec City, a huge hotel Chateau Frontenac, built at the end of 19th century. (postcard)

A typical old street of Quebec

The main church of Quebec's Upper Town. (postcard)

Ottawa, the capital of Canada and its parliament.

The stone fortress Chambly built by the French, near Montreal

The interior court of Chambly

The aerial view of Montreal (postcard)

The Montreal Townhall, built in the French style

Maison Pierre du Calvet, an old house from the 18th century...

One of the oldest preserved houses of Old Montreal

Notre-dame-du-Bonsecours built in 18th century

The old Montreal

La place d'armes with the statue of marquis Maisonneuve, the founder of Montreal in 1642.

The statue of the hero from Louisbourg, a vailant French naval officer which became famous after the battle of Louisbourg in 1758.

Notre-dame, the main church of old Montreal.

The huge basilique of Montreal Marie-Reine-du-Monde

The highest skyscraper of Montreal