South-East Asia Photo Gallery
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Bangkok - the water quarter sometimes called Venice of the East. In this part of the town lives about 1 million of people

Another picture from the Bangkok. The local people do almost everything on water - here is a "supermarket".

Kuala Lumpur - the capital of Malaysia. A modern city full of palms and skyscrapers

Kuala Lumpur - a lot of glass has been consumed during the construction

The most beautiful mosque of Kuala Lumpur can be found at the confluence of two rivers. Hence the malay name of the town, which means in English a "dirty river".

The very modern National Mosque of Malaysia. It is open for public, but both men and women have to wear an appropriate dress inside the mosque.

The Independence Square - the downtown of Kuala Lumpur. From its beautiful gardens the most famous city's dominants can be seen - the old colonial architecture, the TV tower (4th tallest building in the world) and the "little" Petronas Towers (the world's tallest skyscraper).

This picture was taken from the top of the TV tower

Beautiful modern architecture of Kuala Lumpur.

The view from the TV tower. One can clearly see how modern city Kuala Lumpur is. I counted more than 100 skyscrapers.

Lianas are widespread in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia

The trees in this rainforest belong among the biggest in the world

The main square in the old colonial town Melaka. The church and other building were built by the Dutch in the 18th century.

Melaka - one of the oldest houses build in the Dutch style in Asia.

The old fortress built in Melaka by the Portugueese, who had control over the city before the Dutch seized it.

Singapore - a super modern city with 3 million of people.

The beaches of Thailand are very attractive. I swam to the island in the background without being eaten by sharks

The idylic beauty of the beaches in the west coast of Thailand.

Rich rocky relief of Thai beaches

The sunset from the beach.