Bolivia Photo Gallery
For more details about this trip, read Camelia's email about Bolivia describing the journey

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Three little Argentinians eager to be present in our photo collection (Jujuy, Argentina)

First puncture break just across the border, on our way from Villazon to Potosi

Breath-taking view (due to altitude sickness) from our hotel window

Silver-rich Cerro Rico mountain - the main reason for founding Potosi by Spaniards in 1545

Typical colonial architecture in Potosi

Romanian tourist with American cap in historical Potosi

Iglesia de San Juan de Dios

Hesitant Camelia in front of a stray dog

Church gate with classic mestizo patterns (Iglesia de San Lorenzo)

Miners' kids unwrapping Czech biscuits

Lost pet in Potosi mining-area

Introducing the ritual of chewing coca leaves

Implanting dynamite - tourist demo

Carnival morning in Oruro

First group of carnival dancers

Bolivians wearing Inca outfits

La Diablada parade in Oruro

Colorful traditional costumes

Dragging around a sleepy bear-to-be

Two skiny and short Bolivians trying to scare us away

Rainmakers invoking the rain gods

State-of-the-art real estate development in La Paz

La Paz business district

San Francisco monastery in La Paz

Selling flower petals for Pacha mama rituals

Cathedral on plaza Murillo, La Paz

Pigeon protest in front of the presidential house

One more step for Camelia, a tragedy for mankind (Moon Valley, La Paz)

Sombrero de la Dama

Lucky survivers of the Calvario climb (Copacabana, Lake Titicaca)

Travelling with Bolivians on Lake Titicaca

Reed boat on Lake Titicaca

Looking for a shortcut to Peru

Contemplating the flooded Inca settlement

Isla del Sol, where the Sun was born

Maze ruins, where Michal intended to abandon Camelia, as a sacrifice to the Sun

Pretending to be a local

Taste - break for non believers. It really was salt!

Salt quarry in Bolivia's wonderland

According to the Lonely Planet,tourists who don't wear sun-glasses in Salar de Uyuni can become"visually impared"

Rich tourists don't stay in Hilton, but in this salt hotel

Nine cactuses admiring the salty Andes

Michal resting at the shade of a cactus forest (Isla del Pescado)

The little sign indicates that one of them is 12 meters high and 1200 old...

Feeling like Gulliver

Some Giant's fork

Impressive 10 cm deep laguna

Flamingos flying away from the tourist invasion

Colorful llamas at Laguna Colorada

Three llamas, the equivalent of $150

Approaching the driest place on Earth - Atacama Desert

Nature's wonder: the Stonetree

Smelly geysers at Sol de la Manana (about 5000m altitude)

Michal challanging his lungs and Camelia's nerves

Thermal springs - a treat for our legs

Actually, a treat for the entire Michal

Dancing shadows

Laguna Verde, where we ran out of film :)