East Africa Photo Gallery
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Lake Bunyonyi, located in southwestern Uganda at the altitude of 2000 m above see level, where the campsite of Edirisa can be found

One of the deepest and also the most beautiful African lakes, due to its elevated altitude offering mild climate (20 degrees Centigrade all year round)

Landing point at Rutinda, where a local market takes place twice a week and locals come there by canoe

People sell mostly fruits and vegetables grown locally, such as Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, pineapple, avocado, sugar cane

Local crafswomen in colorful clothes gathered around Miha, the leader of Edirisa organisation

A typical church in Uganda, where the majority of population belongs to Catholic or Protestant church.

Children have to carry water for their families in jerry cans

African kids are extremely cute

Children take care of their younger siblings

People in Africa always carry their babies on the back

Our favorite kids from the Bufuka peninsula

Kanimba, the chief of the local tribe of Pygmies, the shortest people on Earth

Bujagali falls on the river Nile, a favorite spot for white water rafting

Beautiful landscape along the river Nile near its source in Jinja, on Victoria lake

Typical countryside in Uganda, lush green land beset with huts and houses amidst banana trees

Banana plants grow very quickly and are cut down every year

Tea plantations are characteristic for the region around Fort Portal in western Uganda

Ugandan school full of children in uniforms cheering the arrival of a mzungu (white person)

Crater lakes near Fort Portal, created after an implosion of a former volcanoe and flooded by water.

Water from the lakes is pure, safe and ideal for swimming

Sipi falls in eastern Uganda near the border with Kenya, is a series of falls and rapids

The falls offer breathtaking views

The highest fall in Sipi, a famous tourist attraction and a favorite subject of Ugandan postcards

A small african round hut from the Sipi region, a dwelling for the whole family counting 8 or more persons

Roaring waters of Sipi falls with a little lake underneath.

One can even go behind the falls, where interesting pictures can be made

Masai women posing for naive Michal (who thought he'd get this picture for free:))

Masai men performing the warriors' dance for mzungu tourists

Safari vehicles in Masai Mara during the picnic break

A glimpse of Kenya: young elephant with an accacia tree in the background.

A rarely seen Black rhino (highly endangered species)

Exhibitionist baboon monkey, masturbating and reaching orgasm in front of a cheering audience! The funnies moment of our safari.

Masai Mara's royal couple in honeymoon, copulating without being bothered by curious tourists

Vervet monkey with his long tail.

Monkeys exploring the tourist compound

Michal and Camelia on the top of Ngorongoro crater, a place with high concentration of wildlife, northern Tanzania

Ngorongoro crater originated by the implosion of a huge volcanoe, thus creating one of the largest calderas in the world (20 km in diameter).

A happy lion family. It is not difficult to get to a close proximity from lions

Lions searching for shadow, eventually sat comfortably under the car, completely ignoring the astonished tourists

Zebras are ubiquitous in Ngorongoro crater. Mother breastfeeding her little one

An old and huge elephant with a herd of zebras in the background

The colorful market of Lushoto. Former Wilhelmstal, a favorite vacation spot for the German colonial administration located in Usambara mountains

Selling "snacks" to bus passengers. Fruits and vegetables are extremaly inexpensive in this part of Africa.

Lush vegetation in the proximity of Lushoto

Welcome to the rainforest! Usambara mountains

Zanzibar palace in Stone Town, former residence of Oman sultans

Fort Jesus in the Kenyan coastal town Mombasa, an old Portuguese fortress which has changed the hands in countless bloody sieges

Downtown Nairobi viewed from the top of the Kenyatta Conference Center

Another picture of downtown Nairobi with skyscrapers and the burned City Hall