Egypt 2002 Photo Gallery
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The huge citadelle of Cairo with its mosques is the main dominant of the Islamic Cairo

Mosques and other monuments in the proximity of the citadelle.

The river of Nile in Assuan, beset with many feluccas, a traditional sail boat in southern Egypt

The contrast between the lush vegetation and barren desert and mountains is extraordinary on Elephantine Island in Assuan

A temple complex on Elephantine Island in Assuan

The Assuan town as seen from the opposite shore.

View of the Assuan town and Elephantine Island from a hill on the opposite shore.

The Read Sea near Al Quseir with its beautiful coral reefs and colorful fish hidden under the surface. A paradise for snorkelling.

A beduin village on the west bank of Luxor, where the life has not changed for centuries.

The workmen's village excavated on the west bank in the proximity of the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. These people were working on the tombs of the rulers of ancient Egypt.

Barren landscape in the vicinity of the Valley of the Kings

View on the area of the Valley of the Kings with its many tombs dug into the rock

The famous Temple of Hatshepsut on the west bank, a "pharaoh in the skirt". The site of the massacre of tourists in 1997

Temple of Ramses on the west bank

The main gate of Temple of Ramses.

Temple of Ramses has several sections divided by a gate.

The color frescos has been conserved only in roofed parts where there is no rain.

The religous center of ancient Egypt, a sort of "Egypt's Vatican", a huge complex of numerous temples devoted to the god Amon, near Luxor

Each successive pharaoh added a part - a temple, an obelisk or at least a statue - in Karnak.

The area of the Karnak complex is very large

The temple of Luxor as can be seen from the Nile.

The charming fortress in Alexandria, Fort Quitbet, was build in the 15th century on the site of Pharo, a phare constructed by Alexandre the Great (one of the Seven World's Wonders) destroyed a century before during a damaging earthquake.

The main dominant of the Alexandria downtown are three mosques standing next to each other.

The Siwa oasis in the Sahara desert in north-western Egypt belong to the most beautiful oasis. This is the old mudbrick fortress from the 13th century in the Siwa town.

Temple of the Oracle in the Siwa oasis, visited by Alexandre the Great

The Siwa oasis is covered by a lush palmtrees forest.

In some areas the oasis is full of water with large swamp areas.

One of the lakes around the Siwa oasis, this one is salty. It marks one end of the oasis.

The safari trip to the Sahara desert around Siwa.

The impressive sand dunes of Sahara...

...offer a pleasant place to stay in the evening.

The sunrise viewed from the top of the mount Sinai (2200 m) where Moises received the Ten Commandments. A favorite place for processions is full of tourists most of the time. The climb takes 2 hours.

The gorgeous mountains are like from other planet.

Mountains around Mt. Sinai lit by the morning sun.

The famous St. Catherine monastery, a Greek-Orthodox religous site build 1500 years ago under Mt. Sinai

The lush landscape on the way from Cairo to Giza.

The pyramids of Giza build on a dry land away from the Nile valley.

Impossible to avoid, the mysterious sphinx at the pyramids site.

The residential zone in Giza under the shade of the pyramids.