France 2005 Photo Gallery
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The ancient Roman theatre in Orange, one of the best preserved of its kind in Europe. From this town originates the famous Dutch dynasty Nassau-Orange.

Le Pont Benezet, the famous bridge of Avignon. It used to be a very long bridge, but due to numerous floods after which parts of the bridge collapsed the city decided to abondon the bridge reconstruction.

Avignon, view of the Romanesque cathedral and Le Palais des Papes, the residence of Avignon popes in 14th century

Representative hall and the great chapel in the Avignon palace.

Detail of the Orange theatre, which the French king Louis XIV once called as "the most beautifl wall of the kingdom"

The ornamental balcony of the palace of the popes, masterpiece of the Avignon Gothic style.

Huge loophole in the wall of the fortress St. Andre in Villeneuve-les-Avignon.

The massive and elegant gate of St. Andre fortress.

Machicolations of the gate that allow dropping of projectiles on attackers show the military art of the 14th century.

Wall with a latrine at St. Andre fortress.

Yet another view of St. Andre fortress.

Crenelation of the gatehouse at St. Andre fortress with smiling Camelia.

Smiling Michal on top of the gatehouse with Avignon in the background.

View of St. Andre fortress and the town of Villeneuve-les-Avignon from the huge tower "Phillipe le Bel".

Another view of Avignon and its palace from the tall tower.

Pont du Gard, the world's most famous Roman aqueduct in all its beauty, bringing water to Nimes tens of kilometers away.

The other side of the aqueduct, whose lower part which was enlarged and modified in the 17th century.

Rousillon, a beautiful village in Provence.

Colorful houses of Roussillon village.

Blue sky and a small street of Roussillon.

Another street of Roussillon documenting that the basic material for houses is the local red sandstone.

The gate of the Roussillon village.

Guess who it might me...

The gorgeous view from one of the biggest European canyons, Les Gorges du Verdon.

Artificial lake St. Croix on the river of Verdon.

Rocky hills of around the canyon.

Shadow of a tall bridge raising high above the canyon.

View down from the bridge showing the dry riverbed of Verdon.

A happy couple in full gear setting for a canoe expedition up the river to explore the canyon.

The crystal clear waters of the river Verdon inside the canyon.

Roman amphitheatre in Arles, Provence. Buffallo shows still take place here.

Camelia sitting on the top of a medieval tower protecting the access to the amphitheatre, rebuilt to a small fortresse in Middle Ages.

View of the city of Arles.

Famous Romanesque portal registered in UNESCO of a church in Arles.

Aigues Mortes, a fortified port town build by Louis IX as a base for Crusades.

The fortifications of Aigues Mortes from the 13th century are a masterpiece of the French military architecture.

One of many gates in Aigues Mortes.

Latrines and long loopholes in the wall of Aigues Mortes.

Signs in the bricks serve as a signature for distinguishing who created each brick for salary purposes.

Elegant interior of loopholes at Aigues Mortes.

La Tour Constance, a massive tower with 6 meters thick walls was the first finished part of the fortress, during the religous repression served as a famous jail for Huguenots.

One of many posterns, small gates near the shore.

Corner tower at Aigues Mortes with latrines. As I noticed from inside, someone was using this medieval toilet a few days before our visit...

One of the most beautiful French cathedrals, the short but immensely tall cathedral of Narbonne.

View of Narbonne town from the archbishop's keep.

The first in a series of Cathar castles in Languedoc, used as a shelter by the Albigeois heretics. This one is Aguilar castle.

The Queribus castle built on a tall hill became the last shelter of the Cathars before falling into the hands of the French king.

Camelia and the majestic view from the Queribus castle.

The village under the Queribus castle.

The largest castle of the Cathars, the famous Peyrepertuse castles.

Peyerepertuse castles stretching on the sharp cliffs of a tall hill.

Puylaurence castle, one of the castles protecting the borders again Spain (Aragon).

View from the Puylaurence castle.

A day trip in the Pyrennes mountains, making the border between France and Spain.

There are numerous mountain lakes along the trail.

View on the high mountains around Lac de Bouillouses.

Another lake on the way.

Experienced traveller Camelia on the lake's shore.

Michal breathing pure air of Pyrennes mountains and admiring the surrounding peaks.

A futuristic town Pas de la Casa in Andorra, near the French border.

Pas de la Casa looks incredibly in the middle of a tree-less Pyrennes landscape.

The main church of Andorra principality.

View of Andorra La Vella, the capital of the small principality between France and Spain.

Although it was a middle of August, we were surprised by snow and low temperatures in a mountain pass in Andorra.

Just enough snow to wage a snowball battle.

The silhouette of the fairytale fortified town Carcassonne.

The castle inside the Carcassonne town.

The main gate of the Carcassonne fortified town.

The multiple draw bridge in front of the main gate.

Carcassonne looks like a forest of towers.

Bricks and again bricks of the Carcassonne ramparts.

An interesting rock formation in Cirque de Moureze near Clermont l'Hérault.

St. Guillaume le Desert, a small town along the pilgrimage way to Santiago de Compostella.

A very well preserved Romanesque monastery in St. Guillaume le Desert.

Detail view of the monastery church.

Cirque de Navacelles, a miracle created by Nature.

Another Roman amphitheatre, this time in Nimes.

A fabulous Tarascon castle, protecting the border between France and Provence.

The massive castle was build in the 15th centure by the good king of Rene.

Shadow of the tall tower in the river of Rhone.

Camelia enjoying the exhibit of Modern Art inside the Tarascon castle.

Happy Michal after eating a traditional French food in a restaurant at Chateuneuf-du-Pape.

View on the village Chateauneuf-du-Pape from the papal palace.

Outlook from the tall tower of Tarascon castle protected by the river and water moat.

The ruins of the papal palace in Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

The portal of the famous cathedral in Strassbourg.

A majestic view from the roof of the Strassbourg's cathedral.

Another view of the city.

Typical German architecture in Strassbourg.

Tall roofs of merchant's houses.

Cathedral and a colorful street in Strassbourg.

Half-timbered houses in Strassbourg.