South Eastern Europe Photo Gallery
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Novi sad, the capital of Vojvodina (today's Serbia).

The old townhall of Novi Sad

The famous Petrovaradin fortress, sometimes called as Danube's Gibraltar.

The highway bridge in Novi Sad destroyed by Americans during the war of Kosovo in 1999.

The old castle in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The former Ministry of defence building, bombarded by Americans in 1999.

The famous Rila monastery in Bulgaria

The Rila monastery is located high in the mountains

Velike Tarnovo - the former capital of the Bulgarian empire. It used to be the second largest town of the Orthodox world after Constantinople.

Velike Tarnovo - houses built on a slope above the river

Ceaucescu's palace in Bucuresti.

The Danube river close to the delta.

The royal castle Peles at the foots of the southern Carpathians mountains

Trip to the mountains (southern Carpathians)

Snow can be seen on the peaks

Another view of the mountains

Typical picture of the transylvanian landscape with old villages

The famous village museum in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) in Transylvania with examples of the Romanian folklore.

Old houses in Sighisoara

Pictoresque lanes in the old Sighisoara

The best preserved historical town of Sighisoara (Schassburg) in Transylvania

The relatively small town is surrounded by beautiful nature.

The big tower of the Transylvanian town Sibiu (Herrmannstadt)

Suceavita monastery in Bucovina (north-eastern Romania)

The church of Suceavita monastery

Encounter with a horse in the western Carpathians mountains.

The natural beauty of western Carpathians

Timisoara and the Orthodox church.

The main square of Timisoara with its Roman Catholic church