USA 1997 Photo Gallery
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Typical street in Manhattan

Arc de Triomphe in New York City

The New York's port

The World Trade Center (today Ground Zero)

Times Square

A luxurious hotel in Manhattan

A View from the Central Park


A picture with Mary, an American girl guiding us in Boston

The Church of Science in Boston (the capital of this religious sect)

View from a Bostonese skyscraper

The Washington's column

The statue of Abraham Lincoln

The Capitol in Washington D.C.

The Vietnamese Wall

Washigton D.C. viewed from above

The White House

The Independance Hall in Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independace was signed

The house of Johnny, a half Czech half American living in New Jersey, who provided accomodation to us

The Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls and us

The Niagara Falls and a rainbow

Splashed by water

The Maiden of the Mist

Roaring falls

Toronto's skyline with the CN tower, the world's tallest building

Masaryktown, a little neighborhood of Toronto established by Czech immigrants

The "Grand Canyon" of Pennsylvania

One of the highest aquaducts in America