Wedding Photo Gallery

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Wedding invitation (in Romanian)

The groom's house - typical architectural style for the German minority, which has lived in Transylvania since 12th century.

The wedding ceremony leader together with the dancers and musicians, on the way to the groom's house

In groom's courtyard, the dancing has already begun

Here they are still dancing, while the bride is waiting for them at her house...

On the way to the bride's house. Finally, they figured out that dancing is not enough and they need a bride for the real wedding party...

This is the bride's house - a beautiful wooden house from Bukovina region, northern Romania

The groom and his suite negotiating with the bride's parents

The bride's parents discussing if they should give their daughter to this groom-guy..

Bride's friends waiting at the gate for the groom and his suite

Here is the fake bride waiting behind the main gate, eager to welcome the young good looking groom

"Ja jsem tvoje nevesta!" (I am your bride), said the fake bride in Czech to impress the groom and his Czech friends.

The bride's father, happy to have made such a good deal, giving away the fake bride

Meanwhile, the real bride was hidden in the house and watching it all through the window

The godmother went into the house for the bride and brought her outside to the groom

Now the groom is happy. This is the bride he came for :)

He even gets a big white flower from her

The godmother and bride's friends are getting her ready for the big day

But the old ladies are singing that she's actually not ready to get married; she can't bake bread!

Before leaving for the church ceremony, the bride asks her family to forgive her and bless her

The breaking of the bread above the bride's head - a old custom, said to bring luck and wealth

The bride's parents welcoming their guests

Posing with the youngest guests, who dressed up for the big day

Bride's brother, explaining to his son what is going on. As if he could understand anything!

A picture with all the wedding participants wearing traditional costumes. What a crowd!

The bride's parents taking seriously their role of hosts...

The good looking dancers in their nice Transylvanian costumes

The bride from Bukovina posing with the dancers from Transylvania. Notice the differences in outfit?

Groom's Sudeten German friends singing the old empire's anthem (Kaiserhymne) in three languages: German, Czech and Romanian

Here are the friends from Prague, singing a beautiful Moravian traditional song

The young couple, together with their godparents and their two sons

Smiling for the camera, together with Pavla and Jirka from Prague

With the bride's brother family

And here with good old friends

A nice picture with the Sudeten German friends, who wear traditional costumes from Chebsko / Egerland and Sumava / Böhmerwald regions.

And here are the Bukovina German friends

In front of the bride's house

Still at her house

Leaving for the church...

...followed by the wedding crowd

A short dancing stop in the shade of the trees

Everyone joins the traditional Romanian dance "hora"

Passing by the nice traditional houses on the way to the church

Peasants watching the wedding suite pass by, in front of their little house

Here is the church - a small, wooden one from the XVIII century

The two orthodox priests waiting in front of the church

This church is also kown as the "Sistine Chapel" of Romanian wooden churches, due to its beautiful paintings

The two priests held the wedding ceremony both in Romanian and Czech

Wearing the wedding crowns

"Isaia dancing" - with the priests and godparents

"You may kiss the bride"

The newly weds with their family and friends

And here even with more friends..

Surrounded by German friends

The "taxi" is here to take the young couple to the party place

The godparents are joining as well

Passing by beautiful houses, typical for Transylvania region

Who's there at the window?

A water mill on a hill

Playing hide and seek in the woods

Welcome drinks with a group of 22 Sudeten Germans, including the leader of the Sudetendeutsche Landsmannschaft and member of the EU Parliament Bernd Posselt.

Our four Sudeten German friends have nicely surprised everyone by their unique traditional dresses, strong appetite to danse, Czech language skills and great sense of humor.

Young dancers performing some Transylvanian dances

Here they wear diferent costumes, typical for Oas region

Sibiu-style traditional dance

Your turn now - which Romanian region are these costumes from?

Well, well, groom and mother in law dancing together

Groom and bride dancing together; the party has begun

But the bride's father asks for his dance, as well

Now everyone joins the dancing crowd

And they're all having fun; especially with this dance call "perinita"...

...because this dance involves kissing!

Father of Camelia is not going to be missed during this dance, kissing young girl dancers.

Here is the hen's song, a funny but old tradition

The godfather receives the hen, but he has to pay for it

And now the main dish (the third out of the 5 item wedding menu)

Serving the tasty main dish at the groom & bride table

Smiling for the camera, together with our "not so hungry anymore" friends

Family and friends, catching up with each other after many years

This is the international table, with many Czechs, some Germans, Americans and one Romanian

With the bride's numerous family

With the same family

Same here. Well, Romanian families are really big...

The bride was stolen! The thief brought her shoe to the groom and asked for ransom

The two made a deal, now the thief is bringing her back; but it's a fake bride

The groom has to renegotiate if he wants his real bride

Well, this time the thief is bringing the real bride

And the groom has to make a declaration of love in front of everyone; it wasn't his own idea, but part of the ransom deal

But he's truly happy to have her back

It got cold and the two young godparents put their traditional vests on

The party is nearing it's end; the godmother is taking the flowers crown down...

The godfather takes the flower from the groom's vest

They are now a regular married couple: she wears a scarf, while he should wear a hat

The flowers are passed on to the next young couple who announced their engagement

"Thank you!" note (in Romanian)